Crafting interactive gaming experiences

At Pixelground Labs, we create interactive gaming experiences within the realm of Minecraft. As the developers behind the Xenyria server, our team has collected and extensive skill set for delivering exceptional, unqiue and detailed experiences that push the boundaries of the Minecraft Engine.

Xenyria is our primary project and features unique games built in top of the Minecraft Engine pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the game. Currently, the server offers a unique take on the first-person shooter genre with paint shooting weapons, as well as an exciting twist on the arcade racer formula.

Screenshot of the game PaintSquad on Xenyria. A player in the foreground is using a paint roller to paint the map while another player of the same team is shooting into the air in the background. Screenshot of an Invasion match of the game PaintSquad on Xenyria. Two players are seen fighting enemies in this PvE mode. Screenshot of the game Rush on Xenyria. A player is seen drifting around a corner in a green kart. Screenshot of the game PaintSquad on Xenyria.

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